When Is National Curly Hair Day?


National Curly Hair Day

National Curly Hair Day celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of curly hair. This special day aims to promote self-love and acceptance for those with natural curls. Whether you have tight coils, loose waves, or anything in between, it’s a day to embrace your curly tresses. 

Celebrated annually, it encourages people to ditch harsh chemicals and embrace their natural texture. The day also raises awareness about proper curly hair care routines and products. It’s a time to share tips, tricks, and inspiration with fellow curly-haired individuals. 

Ultimately, National Curly Hair Day reminds everyone to love and rock their gorgeous, natural curls.

When Does Curly Hair Day Fall Each Year?

Curly Hair Day Fall Each Year

Boy have we got news for you curl lovers! It is officially celebrated every September 15th and is referred to as National Curly Hair Day. It is simply about a day that aims to celebrate the beauty of curls as well as appreciate the uniqueness the curls offer. 

No matter if you have coil hair type or free flowing waves, this day is the best one to show off your wonderful hair. Therefore, there is no reason to: 91 refuse to plan games or other exciting occurrences for your friends who also appreciate curly hair!

The Origins of Curly Hair Appreciation

This unprofessionalism appreciation specifically concerning curly hair has gradually progressed over the last couple of years. 

One has to be immensely grateful for the world of social networks  now people with curly hair all over the world have banded together and become a vibrant and supportive community to share daily advice, experiences, and encouragement with one another. 

As this movement gained popularity bar CAMPAIGNS began to support or host such events and new product ranges targeted at the needs of different types of curls began to emerge.

Why Curly Hair Day Matters

National Curly Hair Day means far more than the recognition of the curl pattern hair type. It is a very small step towards eradicating the restrictive and unrealistic body image standards that are placed on women and other marginalized individuals.

This day helps promote acceptance of curly hair, ultimately making people with curls feel good about themselves and not feel the need to straighten their hair.

Flaunt Your Fabulous Ringlets

In any case, today, your curly hair deserves to be the main focus of attention! Here are some fun and creative ways to celebrate National Curly Hair Day:Here are some fun and creative ways to celebrate National Curly Hair Day:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo recommended for curls and follow it up with a hair mask or even a deep conditioner that will brighten up natural curls.
  • Get together with other people with curly hair and attend parties that promote curly hair as a part of the hair’s type of beauty. Post your curl care advice with others, exchange your favorite products and embrace the great individuality we all have.
  • Go visit some social media platform and begin telling your curly hair story of your experience and even giving out tips. 
  • Hashtag relevant and let other curly hair community fellows understand and appreciate themselves.

Curly Hair Care Essentials

For curls and waves to be beautiful and well maintained, right products should be on your list, Women Health experts recommend. Here’s a bullet point list of must-have curly hair products:

Here’s a bullet point list of must-have curly hair products:

  • Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • This comes in the form of a leave-in conditioner or curl cream for those people with curly hair.
  • Hair gel or mousse (to offer the hair shine and also to stick to the hair)
  • Deep conditioning treatment
  • Some common things that many don’t consider as potential sources include microfiber towels or hair diffusers.
  • You should note that curly hair enjoys moisture; thus, it is essential to avoid committing any hair-sins and not pulling your hair too hard.

Curly Hair Trivia and Fun Facts

Curly Hair Trivia and Fun Facts

To add some lighthearted fun to this celebration, here are a few fascinating curly hair trivia and facts: To add some lighthearted fun to this celebration, here are a few fascinating curly hair trivia and facts:

  • It may interest you to know that curls are performed genetically and as such, one’s curl pattern is fairly predetermined. It is your genes that dictate the tightness of coils and the space between the waves.
  • Since curly hair is formed in such a way that it tends to stand outwards, the hair strands do not mix with other hair strands as well as straight hair and also due to this they tend to attract more dirt and frizz than straight hair and especially in regions or environments that have high humidity. This is because the spirals cause the hair base to be twisted and snipped, hence meaning that the natural hair oils are unable to travel down the hair shaft hence causing dryness and frizzy hair.
  • It’s ironic but then again there are so many types of curls out there, so not all of them are as great as people make it seem. Types of curls are classified from 2A (loose waves) up to 4C (close curls) and the differences among those types are apparent.
  • Social history reveals that the people of curly hair parts have forged curly hair styles across ancient world cultures in relics and manuscripts.
  • Curlies are royal and natural so it is advisable for you to own up to that crown given to you by mother nature.


Thus, National Curly Hair Day acts as a powerful message of the importance of embracing ourselves and accepting our curly hair no matter the ethnicity we belong to. People should go to shows and share knowledge and experiences, and create hair care journeys, celebrating everyone with curly hair.

Therefore, let’s set September 15th as the official Curly Hair Day and be ready to celebrate beautiful hair with enthusiasm and disbelief that the primary idea behind this date is self-love and appreciation for curly hair types.

Think about it, your curls are one more aspect of who you are and should be appreciated with pride and happiness. Love your natural curls and do not see National Curly Hair Day strictly as a holiday for washing and styling hair but as a day of self-awareness and acceptance of how you are.


When is National Curly Hair Day celebrated?

 National Curly Hair Day is celebrated annually on September 15th.

What is the purpose of National Curly Hair Day? 

It aims to embrace and celebrate the beauty of curly hair textures, promote self-love, and challenge narrow beauty standards.

How can I participate in National Curly Hair Day?

 Attend or organize curly hair events, share tips/stories on social media, treat your curls to nourishing products.

Is National Curly Hair Day observed globally?

 While it originated in certain regions, the celebration has gained global recognition and is observed worldwide.

Are there any special curly hair products recommended for the occasion? 

Look for sulfate-free shampoos, deep conditioners, curl creams/gels tailored for curly hair textures.

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