Who is Miss Carriejune? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024


Who is Miss Carriejune? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Miss Carriejune Bio/Wiki

Misscarriejune is a name that has been making waves in the fitness and social media world. Born on February 7, 1996, in New Jersey, this American beauty has captured the hearts of over 2.8 million followers on Instagram with her stunning looks, toned physique, and inspirational posts. In this comprehensive bio, we’ll explore her age, career, family background, net worth, height, and more to give you an in-depth understanding of this rising star.

Who is Miss Carriejune?

Miss Carriejune, whose real name is Carriejune Anne Bowlby, is a renowned fitness model, social media personality, and entrepreneur from New Jersey. She began her fitness journey at a young age, developing a passion for weightlifting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her hard work and determination led her to achieve an impressive physique that many aspire to attain.

Full NameCarriejune Anne Bowlby
NicknameCarriejune Anne
Age27 Years Old
Date Of Birth7 February 1996
Birth PlaceNew Jersey, United States
Height4 feet 11 inches
Weight61 Kg (134 Lbs)
Figure Measurement36-32-34
Eye ColorHazel Brown
Hair ColorLight Blonde
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandSteve Ace
FatherName Not Known
MotherLinda Knievel
SisterChristine Bowlby
HometownNew Jersey, United States
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
Education QualificationCollege Graduate

Early Life

Born and raised in New Jersey, Carriejune Anne Ace, better known as Miss Carriejune, developed an early interest in health and fitness. She was an active child from a young age, often participating in outdoor activities and sports. Her fascination with fitness began to take shape during high school when she started noticing the positive transformations her body could undergo through regular exercise. She became deeply motivated after seeing the transformations her body could undergo through regular exercise. 


Carriejune Ace, alias Miss Carriejune, was a bright student throughout her academic journey. Although her primary education details remain private, she has been open about her college years. She pursued her higher education at a reputable university in New Jersey.

While there, Miss Carriejune juggled her studies and her passion for fitness. Her interest in health and physical well-being grew exponentially in her university years. Despite her demanding academic schedule, she maintained a disciplined workout routine.

Misscarriejune’s Family Background

Misscarriejune's Family Background
Misscarriejune’s Family Background

Details about Miss Carriejune’s family background are private, a testament to the fitness model’s ability to separate her personal life from her public persona. Despite her extensive social media following, Carriejune Anne Ace has kept information about her family primarily out of the public eye.

Misscarriejune Boyfriend and Relationship Status

Delving into Miss Carriejune’s personal life, it is known that she was previously married to Steve Ace. Steve, an equally committed fitness enthusiast, often appeared in her social media posts, showcasing their passion for fitness. Despite their bond, the duo decided to part ways, making it evident that Miss Carriejune’s relationship status, as of 2024, is single.

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Misscarriejune’s Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Misscarriejune's Body Measurements & Physical Appearances
Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

A testament to her dedication to fitness, Miss Carriejune maintains a remarkable physique. Standing 4 feet 11 inches tall, she embodies strength and health, weighing approximately 61 kg or 134 lbs. Her figure measurements, 36-32-34, display the toned and well-balanced body she has achieved through rigorous training.

Finding a Footing in the Gym

Miss Carriejune’s initial experiences in the gym were both daunting and exciting. As a teenager, she was unsure of the correct techniques and exercises to perform. However, her eagerness to learn and evolve led her to try different training routines. With time, she found her strength in weightlifting.

Career Journey

Miss Carriejune’s career has been as dynamic as her fitness journey. After cultivating a following on social media by sharing her fitness routines, she stepped into entrepreneurship by launching the “Mini Beast” brand alongside her former spouse. The brand, which focuses on workout programs and activewear, reflects Miss Carriejune’s passion for fitness and health.

Before Fame

Before stepping into the spotlight, Miss Carriejune was just an average teenager from New Jersey with a passion for fitness. She spent much of her high school years at the gym, experimenting with different workouts and tracking her progress. It wasn’t until she started sharing her fitness journey on social media that she began to attract attention.

Legacy and Impact

Miss Carriejune’s impact on fitness has significantly influenced countless followers to adopt healthier lifestyles. Her sheer determination and work ethic are shining examples of what can be achieved with perseverance. She has used her platform to inspire and educate her followers about fitness and health, spreading awareness on the importance of a balanced diet and regular workouts.


Though specific details about Miss Carriejune’s ethnicity are not publicly available, it’s clear she comes from a diverse cultural background. Born and raised in New Jersey, she embodies American values and global perspectives, as evident in her holistic approach to fitness and health.

Social Media

Social Media PlatformLink

Fun Facts

  • Despite her petite stature of 4 feet 11 inches, Miss Carriejune can deadlift over 300 pounds.
  • She has a fur baby a French bulldog named Dexter, who often features on her Instagram.
  • The fitness influencer is also a talented cook and often shares her healthy meal recipes with her followers.
  • Miss Carriejune loves outdoor activities and often goes hiking during her free time.
  • Her favorite workout is deadlifts because they work for multiple muscle groups simultaneously.
  • She enjoys rock music and often listens to it while training.
  • Even though she’s a fitness fanatic, Miss Carriejune indulges in pizza on her cheat days.
  • She is a morning person and prefers to get her workouts done early.
  • The fitness model also enjoys reading, with motivational and self-improvement books being her favorites.
  • Despite her intense training regimen, Miss Carriejune insists on taking at least one rest day weekly to let her body recover.

Net Worth

YearNet Worth
2024$3 Million
2023$2 Million
2022$1.5 Million
2021$0.8 Million
2020$0.5 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Miss Carriejune?

Miss Carriejune, real name Carriejune Anne Ace, is a well-known fitness model, entrepreneur, and social media personality with over 2.8 million followers on Instagram. She co-owns the “Mini Beast” brand, which focuses on workout programs and activewear.

What is Miss Carriejune’s fitness routine?

Miss Carriejune has a disciplined workout routine, focusing primarily on weight training. Despite her petite stature, she can deadlift over 300 pounds and maintains an impressive physique.

Is Miss Carriejune single?

As of 2024, Miss Carriejune is single. She was previously married to Steve Ace, who shared her passion for fitness.

How did Miss Carriejune start her fitness journey?

She became interested in fitness during high school and started posting about her journey on social media. This eventually garnered a significant following and launched her career.

What does Miss Carriejune do outside of fitness?

Beyond fitness, she enjoys outdoor activities, cooking, reading motivational books, and spending time with her French bulldog, Dexter.


Meet Miss Carriejune, the fitness sensation captivating millions with her inspiring journey. Born in New Jersey in 1996, her dedication to fitness has earned her over 2.8 million Instagram followers. Carriejune’s story encompasses her childhood love for exercise, her academic pursuits, and her rise as an entrepreneur. While she keeps her family life private, her former marriage to Steve Ace was a public affair. Standing at 4 feet 11 inches tall, Carriejune’s physique showcases her disciplined training regimen. From her humble beginnings to her $3 million net worth in 2024, Miss Carriejune’s legacy continues to inspire.

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