How to Care for Your Hair After Coloring?


Care for Your Hair After Coloring

Colored hair can add a pop of personality and style to your look, but maintaining that vibrant hue requires proper care and attention.

Whether you’ve opted for a subtle balayage or bold highlights, keeping your colored locks healthy and beautiful is key.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore ten essential tips to help you take care of your colored hair and make that stunning color last longer.

Ways To Take Care Of Coloured Hair

1. Keep Your Hair Hydrated

One of the most crucial steps in caring for colored hair is ensuring it stays hydrated. Coloring can strip the hair of its natural moisture, leaving it dry and brittle.

To combat this, incorporate deep conditioning treatments into your hair care routine. Look for products specifically formulated for color-treated hair, as they often contain ingredients that help lock in moisture and restore vitality.

Additionally, consider indulging in a hot oil treatment at least once a week. Hot oil treatments not only nourish the hair but also provide a protective barrier against further damage.

Coconut oil, in particular, is renowned for its ability to penetrate the hair shaft and hydrate from within.

Simply warm up the oil, apply it generously to your hair, leave it on for about an hour, and then shampoo as usual for soft, luscious locks.

2. Wait Before Shampooing

After coloring your hair, it’s essential to give it time to settle before jumping into your regular shampoo routine.

The chemicals in hair dye can open up the hair cuticles, allowing the color to penetrate deeply. Waiting at least 72 hours before shampooing allows the cuticles to close back up, ensuring the color stays locked in for longer.

Shampooing too soon after coloring can cause the color to fade prematurely, leaving your locks looking dull and lackluster.

Instead, opt for dry shampoo or simply rinse your hair with water during the waiting period to keep it feeling fresh without compromising the color.


3. Get Touch-Ups Frequently

As your hair grows, your natural roots will start to show, especially if you’ve opted for a drastic color change.

To maintain a seamless look, schedule regular touch-up appointments with your hairstylist. These touch-ups not only cover up any visible roots but also help refresh the color and keep it looking vibrant.

If frequent salon visits aren’t feasible, consider opting for highlights or lowlights instead. These techniques blend more naturally with your hair color, making regrowth less noticeable and extending the time between touch-ups.

4. Go For A Sulfate-Free Shampoo

When it comes to shampooing colored hair, not all products are created equal. Traditional shampoos containing sulfates, such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, can be harsh and strip the hair of its color and moisture.

To protect your vibrant locks, opt for sulfate-free shampoos specifically designed for color-treated hair.

Sulfate-free formulas are gentler on the hair and help preserve the integrity of the color, allowing it to last longer between salon visits.

Look for shampoos enriched with nourishing ingredients like argan oil, keratin, or vitamin E to keep your colored locks looking their best.

5. Add A Pinch Of Dye

5. Add A Pinch Of Dye

If you’re dealing with fading color, a simple trick to revive your hue is to add a pinch of dye to your conditioner.

This DIY color-refreshing treatment helps deposit small amounts of pigment back into the hair with each conditioning session, prolonging the vibrancy of your color between salon visits.

This technique works particularly well for bright or unconventional hair colors like pink, blue, or purple, where maintaining intensity can be a challenge.

Simply mix a small amount of semi-permanent dye into your conditioner, apply it evenly to your hair, leave it on for a few minutes, and rinse thoroughly for a subtle color boost.

6. Check Water Temperature

While a hot shower may be tempting, it’s best to avoid washing your colored hair with hot water. High temperatures can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause the color to fade more quickly.

Instead, opt for lukewarm or cool water when washing and rinsing your hair to help preserve the vibrancy of your color.

If you struggle with turning down the heat, try gradually reducing the water temperature each time you wash your hair until you’re comfortable with cooler temperatures. Not only will this help maintain your color, but it can also leave your hair feeling smoother and more manageable.

7. Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day

As tempting as it may be to wash your hair daily, over-shampooing can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause the color to fade faster. To prolong the life of your color, try to limit washing your hair to two to three times per week.

On non-wash days, refresh your locks with dry shampoo or simply rinse with water and condition as needed. This helps maintain the balance of oils in your scalp while preserving the vibrancy of your color for longer-lasting results.

8. Protect Your Hair From Heat

Colored hair is more prone to damage from heat styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling wands. To minimize heat-related damage and keep your color looking fresh, use heat protectant sprays or serums before styling.

These products create a protective barrier between your hair and the heat, reducing the risk of breakage, split ends, and color fading.

Additionally, consider using lower heat settings and limiting the use of hot tools whenever possible to minimize damage and preserve your vibrant locks.

9. Make Hair Masks Your BFF

Treat your colored locks to regular pampering sessions with nourishing hair masks. These intensive treatments are like a spa day for your hair, providing deep hydration, repair, and rejuvenation to keep your locks looking their best.

Whether you opt for store-bought masks or DIY recipes using natural ingredients like avocado, honey, or yogurt, incorporating a weekly mask into your routine can make a world of difference for colored hair.

Apply the mask generously to damp hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends, and leave it on for the recommended time before rinsing thoroughly for soft, silky strands.

10. Protect Your Hair While Swimming

Chlorine and other chemicals found in swimming pool water can wreak havoc on colored hair, causing it to become dry, brittle, and discolored.

To protect your locks while swimming, take proactive measures to minimize exposure to these harsh elements.

Before diving into the pool, wet your hair thoroughly with clean water to prevent it from absorbing as much chlorinated water.

Consider applying a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to create a protective barrier and minimize damage. After swimming, rinse your hair again with clean water to remove any remaining chlorine, followed by a moisturizing treatment to replenish lost hydration.


Can I Oil My Hair After Coloring?

Oil My Hair After Coloring

Yes, you can! In fact, using coconut oil on colored hair can offer numerous benefits, especially if your locks are feeling dry or damaged after coloring.

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that help nourish and hydrate the hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and more resilient.

The chemicals found in hair dye can strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it feeling dry and rough. Coconut oil helps counteract these effects by penetrating the hair shaft, moisturizing from within, and preventing further damage. Additionally, coconut oil is unlikely to fade your hair color, making it safe

To incorporate coconut oil into your hair care routine, simply warm a few drops of oil between your palms and apply it evenly to your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends.

For an intensive treatment, you can leave the oil on overnight and wash it out in the morning for maximum hydration.

Alternatively, you can apply coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment before washing your hair to help protect it from damage.

What Should I Avoid Using On Colored Hair?

When it comes to caring for colored hair, certain products and practices can do more harm than good. Here are some things to avoid to maintain the vibrancy and health of your colored locks:

  1. Sulfate-Containing Shampoos: Shampoos containing sulfates, such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, can strip the hair of its color and moisture, leading to premature fading and dryness. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos specifically formulated for color-treated hair to preserve your color and keep your locks hydrated.
  2. Excessive Heat Styling: Heat styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling wands can cause damage to colored hair, leading to breakage, split ends, and color fading. Minimize the use of hot tools and always use a heat protectant spray or serum before styling to reduce the risk of damage.
  3. Hot Water: Washing colored hair with hot water can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause the color to fade faster. Stick to lukewarm or cool water temperatures when washing and rinsing your hair to help maintain your color for longer.
  4. Over-Shampooing: Washing your hair too frequently can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause the color to fade prematurely. Limit washing your hair to two to three times per week and use dry shampoo or water rinses on non-wash days to refresh your locks without over-shampooing.

By avoiding these common pitfalls and following the tips outlined in this guide, you can help prolong the life of your colored hair and keep it looking vibrant and healthy.


In conclusion, taking care of colored hair requires a combination of proper hydration, gentle cleansing, and protective measures against heat and environmental damage.

By following these essential tips and avoiding common pitfalls, you can maintain the vibrancy and health of your colored locks for longer-lasting results.

So go ahead, flaunt that stunning color with confidence, knowing that your hair is receiving the care it deserves!

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